Trash Radio

Trash Radio brought me out of my second retirement - I had stopped playing in the winter of 95 and took a day job as a computer programmer. When music is in your blood it doesn't let you stay away too long.

I had stayed in touch with Angelo since the break-up of the Johnny Turk band and we had a few phone conversations reminiscing about the old days. One thing led to another and next thing you know we were sitting at a booth in Seamus Mulligans planning our next musical adventure. With us at that meeting was guitarist Nick Canzanese who had played with Angelo in Angel Heart. I remembered Nick as a member of Alien when they played at the Fairview in Wildwood (two blocks from the Rainbow where I was playing with Magic Bus).

Our vision for Trash Radio was to grab the grunge and hard rock of the day and...well...take no prisoners.

Angelo had to leave a couple of years later and we replaced him with my old Magic Bus band-mate, John Robertson.


Man in the Box
More Than Words
No Excuses
Story Of a Girl