Magic Bus

Magic Bus was a four piece up-and-coming high energy band with a busy schedule playing Philadelphia and South Jersey area venues.

When I joined in 1972, the band members were Johnny Robertson (drums), Charlie Bell (guitar), Harry Adams (keyboards), and Chris Titerence (sax/bass). I came in primarily as the bass player but would also play six string guitar and flute as needed. It was the beginning of the summer season when I joined and the band already had gigs lined up in some Jersey Shore spot - Margate I think. We had not had a lot of time to rehearse as a 5 piece so, for the first couple of nights, I would work the follow spot, run up on stage to do a song or two, jump back off to run some lights again - comical really, but I was so excited to be with those guys. My first song was Stairway to Heaven - Chris and I would do the intro and ending with two flutes in harmony, and I would play ryhthm guitar for the rest of the song.

Over the next couple of days I spent less time on lights and more time on stage. We were all young, the energy was high, and the clubs were packed!

We were represented by several booking agents over the years including Pete Salerno, and Tyrone DeNittis. We were managed during some of that time by Fran Capetola.


Good Times Bad Times
I Talk To The Wind
Keep Yourself Alive
Pick Up The Pieces
Stone Cold Crazy
Total Silence