Jasper swept in to Philadelphia from the Albany NY area and quickly became a musical institution. When their bass player left in 1982, I joined the band which included Freddy "Squeeky" Stay (drums), Freddy Fortier ( keyboards), and Steve Wheeler (guitar).

Apollo Artists booking agency kept us busy playing venues like Cherry's in Northeast Philadelphia in the off season but when summer hit, it was the Quart Room in Wildwood for the whole season - what a blast! The summer was when we brought out the full blown Beatles show with curtains and three coustume changes. But we were more than a Beatles show.

Jasper's strengths lay in a combination of staying current with danceable top 40 and knowing when to hit the audience with older party songs which were often delivered with props and humor - Keyboardist Freddy would either put on a wig, pad himself up to look pregnant and sing My Boyfriend's Back or put on a costume striped with black electrical tape and frantically dive in and out of the audience while singing Should I Stay or Shoud I go. Guitarist Steve would dress up in black calling himself Johnny "Rash" and do some Elvis tunes . I would put on a white lab coat and goggles and sing She Blinded Me With Science.


Abbey Road
Change Reaction
Do The Dance
Dont Fight It
Hurt So Good
I Do
Jingle Bell Rock
Leave It
Shock The Monkey
You Dont Want Me Anymore