The Family Jewels

I was 15, living in Chomedey Canada and trying to learn guitar from some local dude that never picked up a guitar during the lessons. I quickly found out he couldn't really play. That's about the same time I started to hang out with Abe Feler. He was a couple of years older and already played like I wished I could play. He soon started to teach me stuff on guitar and we ended up forming a band with Danny Caplan on drums and Ian Cooney on keyboards. Things shifted quite a bit in those days and at first I was playing bass lines on my 6-string electric Harmony.

When Steve DeYoung joined the band, I shifted to playing regular 6 string guitar parts because Steve had a real bass - wow! At some point our friend Steve Baker joined the band as lead singer.

We did a lot of rehearsing in Abe's parents' basement. We made our own speaker cabinets, hung egg cartons to soundproof the basement, and did everything else imaginable to experiment and learn about all facets of what it means to be a musician and a rocker in his early teens. Occasionally... we even had a gig - our one big one was the high school talent contest. You can see in one of the pictures how that huge auditorium stage just swallowed us up. Fun days!


I Love You So
Kind of a Drag
Light My Fire
Midnight Hour
Tighten Up