Devil's Bite

Devil's Bite was my first full time, professional band - and what a learning experience it was! Already an established band when I joined as the bass player back in 1970, Devil's Bite played the lounge circuit from Norwalk, Connecticut down to Baltimore and DC. I had just finished up my first semester at a local campus of Penn State as a reluctant engineering student when I got the call to audition.

The band consisted of Bobby and John Castaldo - brothers from South Philly, and Tom Caywood, and Andy Celley from the suburbs. I knew Andy from Ridley Park but the others were all new faces.

The Castaldo brothers were older than the rest of us and taught us the ropes of living in motels, eating (and drinking) on the road, and picking up girls - quite an education for a kid who was just 18. Bobby (25), who went by Bobby Curtis, was the leader - a real schmoozer who had a knack for sweet talking club owners and beautiful girls alike. It was fun watching him operate! John (30) was the drummer and "mother hen" of the group and often was the voice of reason.

Tom and Andy, on the other hand, were close to my age. Tom was pegged as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist and Andy was the keyboard player.

I had an almost insatiable thirst for musical knowledge and would find every opportunity to hole up somewhere and practice. I bought a used flute and remember sitting in a broom closet at some bar between sets and practicing scales till I got dizzy...