Amazon (No Angel)

No Angel was a band designed to showcase original music written by keyboardist and lead vocalist Ric Sandler. Along with Ric, the band consisted of his wife, Ichshe, also on lead vocals, Randy Wagner on bass, Mike Kempin on drums, and me on guitar.

When I first met Ric to audition for the band, he said that he had heard of me through Squeeky Stay, my former band mate from Jasper - apparently Squeeky recommended me highly for the open guitarist spot in Amazon and told him I was the best kept secret in South Jersey. I don't know about all that but I'm grateful for the recommendation as it gave me an opportunity to work with a gifted songwriter and a terriffic band. Mike Kempin who auditioned for the band within the same timeframe and became the band's drummer, later said of Ric's writing, "...even his hooks have hooks..." I would have to agree.


Fozen In Your Headlights
He Delivers
The Big Boys
The Magic Touch